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Brave A Teen Girls Guide


Would you consider yourself a worrier? Do you ever get something you're worried about stuck in your head and you can't seem to get it out? Have you noticed that...

Glory Girl : Daring To Believe In Your Passion


Glory Girl, with Jess Connolly’s wisdom and guided journaling opportunities, will help girls ages 8-12 feel confident in who they are as they discover who they are meant to be...

He Numbered The Pores On My Face


When Scarlet Hiltibidal was a teenager, plastic butterfly clips were all the rage. She couldn’t understand why they didn’t look the same in her “frizzy, bulbous hair” as they did...

Liked... Whose Approval Are You Living For?


Book Summary Liked will help girls understand how to channel their talents and energies into things with eternal value and, in the process, find the love, friendships, confidence, and strength...



Book Summary In Live, Sadie Robertson encourages and inspires you to make the critical choice to truly live passionate, courageous lives instead of being carried away by the world's value...

The Manual To Manhood


How to gain respect, avoid embarrassment, and impress everyone!As a man in the making, you'll need to know how to do stuff. You also need a strong moral character to...

Welcome To Adulting Survival Guide


Real help for navigating the real worldIt's wild. One day people finally start treating you like an adult. And it feels good. For a while. Then you run into adult...
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 result
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