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How Did I Get Here?


Brand New from Christine Caine We've all at some point looked up from the daily grind and realized we had somehow drifted off course. Maybe we've been doing all the...

Don't Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table


The New York Times bestselling author of Chase the Lion reveals seven powerful habits that can help you tackle God-sized goals by turning yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s anxieties into fuel for a better today.“This...

Who's In Charge Of A World That Suffers


In this book my father helps the reader traverse this journey called life by pointing to the One who guides us by His mighty Spirit, helping us walk with Him...



Ready to trade the world's way of dating for the way that actually works?Everyone wants to be loved--to find someone who will stick with them through all of life's ups...
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Everyone Fights So Why Not Get Better


My wife drives me crazy sometimes. My husband should already know what I need. Is our marriage in trouble if we fight all the time? Is it possible to learn...

The Power Of 1440


A thirty-day manual to celebrate the importance and blessing of each of the 1,440 minutes we are given every day. About the Book A thirty-day story-driven manual to celebrate the...



Does the Bible feel confusing and complicated to you? Perhaps some of it feels familiar, but overall, does it feel impossible to navigate? Maybe you recognize the stories, but you...
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You Be You


Have you ever felt held back from the abundant life God promises you? Do you ever look at the satisfaction and success in other people’s lives, and wonder where yours is? In You...
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Share Your Stuff, I'll Go First


Part memoir and part guidebook, Share Your Stuff. I'll Go First. is the invitation you've been waiting for to show up with your whole self and discover the intimate, meaningful relationships...

The Power Of Knowing God


You go to church, you read the Bible, you participate in small groups—but do you truly know God?God gives every Christian the tools for an active relationship with Him, but...
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 result
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