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Tucked safely inside a sturdy lidded box, the 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings is portable inspiration to sustain you on life's journey.


The sturdy lidded box is decorated in an ebony black woodgrain design, and both the box and the lid are accented with silver scrollwork designs. The title is printed in bold white lettering.


101 Bible Promises for Your Every Need

These 101 inspiring promises from Gods' Word will bless and encourage you when you need strength. Each of the 51 double-sided cards features its own design using a series of teal and burgundy accents.  A unique Bible verse can be found on  both the front and back of each card. These Bile verses will uplift your spirit and strengthen your faith.


The cards in the 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings can be used to reach out to people you meet during your day to encourage them. It can also be added to a letter written to a friend or used as Bible memory verse prompts.


Share the 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings with a friend or Sunday school teacher to use in her class. These little boxes are just the right size to add to a teacher gift or to use as a stocking stuffer. The 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings will encourage a friend going through a challenging time.


  • Series of Designs 
  • 51 Double-Sided Cards 
  • Bible Verse on Front and Back
  • Sturdy Box with Lid 
  • Card Size: 3.4" x 2.3" (87 x 58mm) 
  • Box Size: 3.8" x 2.7" x 1.1" (97 x 69 x 28mm)

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