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We aren't controlling our devices anymore--they're controlling us.
And they're controlling our kids.

There's no denying the clear connection between overuse of devices--smartphones, computers, and video games--and the growing mental health crisis, especially in our children. Too much screen time has a real, measurable effect on kids' brains, self-esteem, emotional development, and social skills.

In Disconnected, psychotherapist and parenting expert Thomas Kersting offers a comprehensive look at how devices have altered the way our children grow up, behave, learn, and connect with their families and friends. Based on the latest studies on the connection between screen time and neuroplasticity, as well as the growing research on acquired ADHD and anxiety, Disconnected presents a better way to move forward. Kersting shares indispensable advice for parents on setting boundaries and engaging in concentration and mindfulness exercises.

If you want to reclaim your family and reconnect with your kids, this hard-hitting yet hopeful book is the place to start.

"Tom Kersting is the go-to guy not only for explaining how technology is harmful to many of today's youth but also for providing a blueprint to help them escape the clutches of a social media culture that can rob them of what's truly important."--Joel CommNew York Times bestselling author 

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