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"Prepare to be blown away by what the Holy Spirit can do in and through you! If you want to experience all of God, don't miss out on this book!"--PAULA FARIS, author of Called Out

"A must-read for anyone who feels a bit alone, not enough, unable, and not up to the task at hand."--ALYSSA BETHKE, author of Spoken For

30 Incredible Benefits of the Holy Spirit's Presence in Your Life

Have I settled for less than everything God has for me?

As a lifelong follower of Jesus, Jeannie Cunnion wrestled with this question and was surprised to realize that she'd been missing out on living in the power of the Holy Spirit! Discovering the significance of the Spirit's work in her life lit a fire in Jeannie's soul--and became the message she tucked into these pages for you.  

Through winsome and tender storytelling, Jeannie will
· Reveal why Spirit-help is far superior to self-help
· Equip you to activate the Spirit's power in your daily life
· Guide you into deeper intimacy with Jesus
· Show you how the Holy Spirit champions you

Through Jesus, God set us free. Through His Spirit, God keeps us free.

Don't Miss Out is a life-changing invitation to experience the essential work of the Holy Spirit-- in you!

ISBN: 9780764238222
Dimensions: 8.5x5.50"
Pub. Date: May 2021
Number of pages 208

Tags: E Summer Reads, E Women, Women

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