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Discover the transformative power of forgiveness

"Through her most vulnerable writing, Ruth Graham shares with us the topic of forgiveness. In this encouraging book, she incorporates her own personal experiences as well as biblical Scripture to help guide us as readers to a better understanding of what forgiveness means and why we should choose forgiveness."--Mark BattersonNew York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker and lead pastor of National Community Church

"Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself is an honest, heartfelt, and insightful book about the power of forgiveness. Through the lens of her own life journey, Ruth Graham shares biblical principles of forgiveness that can truly liberate even the most broken relationships. I am grateful for her vulnerability and courage to write such a book."--Sean McDowell, PhD, Biola University professor, speaker, and author

When we live with unresolved anger or hurt, the result is nearly always bitterness, broken relationships, and unhealthy behaviors. Unforgiveness not only sabotages our interactions with those around us but also impedes our own spiritual growth and inner peace.

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