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In Grandma Cuddles, playful illustrations pair up with creative rhymes and touch-and-feel pages, making this one of the best books to read to your grandchildren as you get them ready for a peaceful night's sleep.

Bedtime routines are more fun with Grandma! In this sweet board book, different grandma and grandbaby animal pairs prepare for bed, from bath time to story time. Invite your little one to feel the crocodile's scales, for instance, as you read aloud,                                                                                

      Grandma makes my bath time fun

      While I get nice and clean.

      We splash each other till at last,

      My scales are gleaming green!

      Me and Grandma love to cuddle,

      Splashy, splooshy, soapy cuddles!

Then cuddle up for the night as you say "I love you" one more time. The cute rhymes, adorable art, and fun tactile elements make this book the perfect gift from a grandma to her little one, for a first-time grandma, or in celebration of Grandparents Day.

Snuggle in! Even bedtime is better with Grandma.

Tags: E Baby Books, Kid 0-4 Books

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