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Are you in need of a fresh, new view of life? Have trials and tribulations distorted all sense of proportion, and clouded your point of view? If so, then God’s eternal perspective will encourage you and give you hope in the midst of circumstances. In A Heart To See Forever, author Catherine Martin presents an nine-week journey of daily quiet times that will challenge you with the eternal perspective …

  • Discover how to see all of life from God’s point of view
  • Find out how an eternal perspective helps you endure and overcome in the crucible of a trial
  • Learn how an eternal perspective affects how you live in the present
  • Reflect on keeping your focus on the eternal rather than the temporal

In A Heart To See Forever, Catherine’s gentle guidance and encouragement will take away any fear you’ve ever had about the book of Revelation, and will open your eyes to all that God has in mind for you.

In A Heart To See Forever, author Catherine Martin presents nine weeks of daily personal devotions that will open up the book of Revelation for you, introducing you to the person of eternity – Jesus Christ – the Son of Man, the Lamb of God, the Shepherd, and the Bright Morning Star. With this 9-week collection of complete quiet times, you will study the promise, person, message, challenge, place, and hope of eternity by using The P.R.A.Y.E.R.™ Quiet Time Plan™ : Prepare your heart, Read and study God’s Word, Adore God in prayer, Yield yourself to God, Enjoy His presence, Rest in His love.

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