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New book from Pastor Eric and Evie Geiger

Two quokkas, two snails, one strawberry patch . . .

Suzy and Sam Snail live in the Land of Sadness, constantly working hard to feel loved. But their gloomy lives just might change when they meet two friendly quokkas who tell them all about the Creator and what life is like in the Land of Happiness. Will the Snails remain sad and empty? Or will they eagerly journey to a new land where grace, joy, and contentment grow instead?

Join these four quirky friends in the strawberry patch, and let this parable-style story offer your family a powerful conversation starter and a celebration of God’s gift of grace.

A note from Eric and Evie:
Hey, kids and parents!
We hope you love the story about the
Quokkas and the Snails, and we pray the
story helps you know how much Jesus loves
you. He came to our world to give us His
forgiveness and to take away our sins. When
we believe in Him, the Bible says we get all
of His righteousness! Righteousness is a big
word that means we get His perfection and
we are right with God. Another way to say it
is that we get all His stickers. If we believe in
Jesus, our sticker charts are now forever full.
Enjoy these activities!
Your friends,
Eric and Evie Geiger


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