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Marriage is all about oneness: sharing joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. Yet we often hold back a part of ourselves because we fear that being wholly transparent--about our past, our desires, our failures, our faults--will bring judgment, rejection, or even just unwanted friction to our relationship. We are afraid to be fully known. As a result, we never experience being fully loved.

Ryan and Selena Frederick are convinced there's more. In this new, paradigm-shifting book, they show you how to develop a see-through marriage, one that is marked by full transparency and confident vulnerability. Through personal stories, testimonies from other couples, and biblical truth, they make the case that living authentically in front of each other and within gospel-centered community is the only way to experience love the way we were designed to.

"Ryan and Selena don't hold back from exposing the truth and the powerful impact of living a transparent life. Covering everything from social media and identity to community and sex in marriage, they have unpacked a necessary call to action for every husband and wife, and every person alike, to be transparent so that the light of Christ can shine bright."--Aaron and Jennifer Smith, authors of Marriage after God: Chasing Boldly after God's Purpose for Your Life Together

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