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The Story of God, one of three studies in the Deep Dive series, is an 8-week, group-discipleship resource exploring the overarching redemptive narrative of the Bible. Traveling chronologically from Genesis to Revelation, this study will remove the intimidation factor and allow participants to discover the story of Jesus on every page of the Bible. This discovery will equip participants to join Jesus in that big story. 

  • Workbooks include four days of personal daily devotions and one day of reflection to be completed ahead of each group experience
  • Workbooks include teaching outline with guided questions for leaders to facilitate the group experience
  • Two experiences following weeks 4 and 8 to deepen the discipleship journey for group members

Weekly sessions:
Week 1: Creation & Fall
Week 2: Promise & A People
Week 3: Rescue & Law
Week 4: Land & Kingdom
Week 5: Exile & Return
Week 6: Jesus
Week 7: A New People
Week 8: A Better Beginning

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