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Every faith journey is unique—a beautiful and at times frightening mystery—fully known
only to our Creator. Unfortunately, this journey can also be confusing. The struggles of
life, the inability to hear God, and our desire for control can all complicate the abundant
life and leave us unsure where we’re supposed to be heading. And when life runs into
us headfirst, or the fog of uncertainty envelops us, we may find ourselves stumbling
into—or even falling off the edge of—disorientation.
Pastor Inés Franklin offers her own courageous journey of faith and biblical
insights—providing healing and hope for those still finding their way or doubting their
path. Her careful analysis and scholarly approach to the Bible will encourage readers to
discover the truth that at the very foundation of the Christian faith lies an invitation to
active surrender––to offer and release all our circumstances to our perfectly loving God,
giving him complete authority over our lives. Active surrender leads to a thriving faith
that gives us the courage to take risks and be open to the unknown as we pursue our
God-given purpose.
In Uncharted, you will find a practical rhythm to grow in your faith, transforming your
fears into trust and your hesitation into commitment.
1. Knowing God’s Desires
2. Overcoming Challenges
3. Blessing through Obedience
4. Thriving by Thirsting for God
In a world full of obstacles, comparison, and uncertainty, the most rewarding
journey you will ever undertake is the uncharted walk with God.

About the Author:
Inés Franklin completed a Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and is the
founder of Trochia Ministries, whose mission is to provide Christian discipleship. She
serves as a teaching pastor at Mariners Church in Southern California. She and her
husband, James Franklin, live in Irvine, California.
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