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Jonathan Evans was riding the coattails of his father's relationship with God. The son of a highly accomplished pastor with a huge ministry, he was comfortable and did what he had to do, but he didn't push himself to figure out his own role or purpose. But as he got older, he realized he needed to do more with his life.

At some point, you have to understand your own calling and significance in the Kingdom of God. How does God want to use you? Jonathan uses the Old Testament leader Joshua as a model for stepping up to God's big call on your life. Before Joshua, Moses was the one who had spoken to God, performed miracles, and stood up to Pharaoh. But now Joshua had to come out to the front. So what did he do? How did he step up? And what steps can you take to seize now for yourself?

Now is your time. If you will be steadfast and unmovable, and always abound in what God is calling you to do, you'll see that it will not be in vain. He has a plan, a destiny for your life.

Now means not later. Now means don't wait. God wants to do great things. Right now.

ISBN: 9780764237119

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8

Pub. Date: Jun 2021

Number of pages: 176

Tags: Christian Living, E Christian Living, New Releases

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